We Have Our Ways

In a dystopic but recognizable America, street riots are common, tap water is undrinkable, and you’re lucky if you get health insurance. Regina keeps her head down to just get by, especially at work. But when her younger cousin Abigail is in need of a criminalized medical procedure, she must decide what price she’s willing to pay for justice. 

I wrote the screenplay for this short film in 2017. Funded in part by a Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) grant, it was directed by Dawn Jones Redstone and produced by Christian Henry. Official website here.


Sista in the Brotherhood

2015 short film produced by Hearts + Sparks Productions. I cowrote script with director Dawn Jones Redstone based off dissertation of producer Dr. Roberta Hunte. The short dramatic film follows a young Black carpenter on her first day at a new site with phenomenal performance by Sidony O'Neal. Visit official site here. 


Employee Discounts 

This short story grew out of a part-time job, then a nonficiton class, then a fiction workshop, then eventually won several awards, including the Doug Fir Fiction Prize, judged by Rivka Galchen. It was originally published in the Bear Deluxe but was later reprinted in the UTNE Reader, the pub's first fiction story. Read it online here

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This short nonfiction piece appears in the tenth issue of Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac. Forthcoming in The Best of Boneshaker, out Fall 2018. 



A short story appearing in Moss: An Online Journal of the Northwest, vol 2 issue 4. Read it online here