"How the Internet Changed Language—for the Better"
The Ringer // August 1, 2019

Part Linguistics 101, part social history of the internet, Gretchen McCulloch’s Because Internet revels in digital language deconstruction, exploring not just the evolving language of online informal writing—tweets, text messages, Instagram comments, etc.—but also providing cultural context for what these new modes of writing mean.

"The Associated American Artists Exhibit: Not Just Farms!”
Portland Mercury // March 14, 2019

“Lewenthal wanted art accessible to wider people and not just wealthy New York art dealers,” says Chyna Bounds, who curated the PAM exhibit. “He wanted to take these fine arts outside of the museum context and the white-walled gallery context and present them in a new way so that anyone could buy [them].”

"Blue Arrangements: Remembering David Berman"
The Ringer // August 8, 2019

The Silver Jews and Purple Mountains frontman, who died Wednesday at 52, drew listeners in with his country-tinged blend of humor, poetry, and existentialism